Spelling pattern 1: FLOSS (or FLoSZy)

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Spelling pattern 1: FLOSS (or FLoSZy)


Students with dyslexia often require explicit spelling instruction and much practice before mastery. Trained teachers/ therapists give students ample reading practice before introducing the spelling concept. The FLOSS rule is the first of five major spelling patterns in English.

The FLOSS pattern: In a one-syllable base word with a short vowel that ends in /f/, /l/, or /s/, double the (f), (l), or (s). Some curricula include /z/ as well, and call it the FLoSZy pattern.

Examples: stuff, hill, pass, buzz

Sample Problem

Explain why the FLOSS/ FLoSZy pattern is NOT applicable to the words below.

1. has
2. pastel
3. sits
4. peel


1. has – It does not end in /s/, but in /voiced s/.
2. pastel – It is not a one syllable word.
3. sits – It is not a base word. It contains suffix -s.
4. peel – It does not have a short vowel.

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