Stars and light pollution

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Stars and light pollution


There are more than a million stars in the night sky. Most people even with telescopes can see them outside anymore unless you have a certain type of telescope. I think if we were to not use as much power at night as we do we might be able to see the stars better. There aren’t just stars you can see in the sky you can also see two planets without a telescope if there isn’t as much light pollution.

Sample Problem

Light Pollution causes it to be hard to see the stars at night without certain telescopes.


Step one- We need to have dimmer lights. If we have brighter lights then we can see them as well.
Step two- We need to not have as many street lights in town they need to be more out on the highway where people can barely see even with the brights on.
Step three- We need to save energy in houses by turning the lights off when the children are finally asleep and turning lights off before they go to bed.

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