Strategies for AP European History Study and Exam

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Strategies for AP European History Study and Exam


The AP European History Exam is widely regarded as one of the most frustrating and difficult history classes that can be taken in the high school curriculum. It covers a wide time period from 1300-2000, causing many students to struggle with memorizing all the facts. The problem for most students would be the content and the density of the material, and how to effectively memorize and solve European History Questions.

Sample Problem

1. Name some of the reasons why Louis XVI was sacked by French Revolutionaries, and explain the repercussions this had on European monarchies.
a. How did this affect the foreign policy of neighboring countries.
b. Napoleon I came to power shortly after the revolution, how does this match modern power struggles around the globe.
c. Why did french revolutionaries firmly believe in terror as a weapon to ensure loyalty the French Republic? How does it apply to today?


1. (First) recall the french revolution from various sources and reads that you’ve been assigned. If not, read various textbooks, look on wikipedia, watch documentaries on the topic in order to become invested. Find something that is memorable or unforgettable about the period and it will return to you when it is needed.
( Louis XVI was sacked by French Revolutionaries because of his inability to satisfy domestic needs by the 3rd estate, and refused to acknowledge the gains that these groups had after they declared the national assembly separate from the main body of the estates general.)
Keep your responses short, AP exam correctors Hate long responses, please keep your response short and to the point.
a. Do remember the time period and its events, use the stages of the french revolution and domestic events from the years 1790-1801 as an indication of foreign policy for outside countries. If you cannot remember this facts, as most people will not, remember the behavior of the various administrations and monarchies that controlled these territories. Austria was in the Holy Roman Empire, Spain and France were controlled by the Bourbon monarchies, Prussia despised the concept of rule by the individual, and most of Europe was controlled by these dominating monarchies. Countries that had Bourbon family ties invaded the French Republic because their family and their titles at home were at jeopardy. ( The Foreign Policy of these foreign nations reflected the family ties between the various European monarchies, these nations retaliated for the overthrow the monarch of France, and held the position of the monarch to the highest regard of safekeeping.) Again, Keep the response simple and short, anything long would only be detrimental to your score.
b. Utilize the information of current global events, and study 20th century struggles including the Vietnam Conflict, Cuban Revolution, and American Intervention in Iran in order to correctly answer this equation. Knowing most students, you probably will not take the time to painstakingly read up for hours on seemingly useless textbook material. If so, watch the news, listen to oral gossip, and read up on archived articles on online or paperback newspapers. This will enrich your understanding of how the world functions and will allow you to make more educated and reasonable guesses if you find yourself clueless. You may even find yourself invigorated with the how the world works and seek more information regarding world history. ( Just like how a dictator stepped in to ensure stability of the unstable First French Republic, America’s support for CIA led coup in Cuba in 1951 to topple the leftist government that had socialist policies, eventually lead to the fall of the Cuban Regime to Fidel Castro’s Socialist workers. This led to Fidel Castro nationalizing various industries, taking control of the government with his cabinet of cohorts.) This is an exception. If you have the ability to make the second sentence worthwhile of a read, having the same content density of previous sentences while not overcomplicating the idea, a second sentence may be beneficial.
c. Remember those pesky Jacobins and Bourgeois Robespierre like figures, of course you do. Do you remember the Non-agression pact that Touissant Le’overture made with the British, probably not. The concept of head slicing and decapitation is commonly taught and regarded when learning the revolution, but it is little explained why such atrocities were committed. You can ready up by delving into the textbook and spend time memorizing all the names and places that executions took place, and the personal accounts of men and women who survived the onslaught of the time. Or, you can take the less extraneous way, and memorize the human behavior the revolution, and recall to more modern events such as communist blocks, nazi germany, and even as recent as Al-Queda occupations. This is far easier to remember because it solves two of the questions ( The Revolution used terror as an effective means of population control because it inspired fear and terror into anyone who stepped out of line. It is relevant today because terrorist groups such as Al-Nusra and Boko Haram and nationalistic organizations such as Nationalist Socialist Workers Parties use terror to ensure the loyalty of populations to the ideology.) Make sure to always separate the two responses, One sentence for How does it apply and another for how it ensures loyalty. Always use examples, without mentioning any examples you don’t demonstrate your understanding of the topic, mentioning examples gives credibility to your claim.
With all of these strategies now available, you should have no problem jumping into cold, deeper waters to find yourself a more proficient and fantastic European History Exam Score. Please regard the guide carefully and follow it, you can receive the highest score, all that is required is student input.

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