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The Crafting Of Lore


By far, the most perplexing course requirement is to recollect the series of events leading into a critically historic undertaking. It should not consume more than several hours of reading, a modest assortment of books or articles, and a dash of ingenuity or creativity; notwithstanding the proper amount of writing acumen.

Sample Problem

Attempt to reconstruct the personal life of a notable figure by embedding the core elements of a biography into a cohesive, coherent, cogent, and palatable arrangement of story line. By all means, commence by gathering the evidence, recalling: family, birth and death, education, travel, employment, distinction, so on, so forth.


It all started when Marie Curie was born November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland to a mother who was employed as a teacher. First moving to Krakow, Poland then to Paris, France in 1891 where she met and subsequently married Pierre Curie.

Soon thereafter, Curie was credited with discovering and developing the elements of Polonium and Radium. The Polonium she discovered was named after her country of origin. The Radium she studied was important, in that, it proved necessary for patient therapy in the field of medicine.

Curie completed a doctor degree in 1903 at the Sorbonne, the second oldest university in the world. Not surprisingly, her contribution to science was recognized with a Nobel Prize for Physics that same year and a second Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911. Curie concurrently holds the unique distinction of being the first woman recipient of the prestigious award that was established by the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel for recognition of significant contribution in science, literature, and peace.

In support, President Harding honored her achievement in 1921 by donating $50,000 to the Curie Laboratory where the experiments were conducted. Following in 1929, President Hoover provided Curie with a gram of Radium in gratitude for her dedication to exploration in the field of science.

Marie Curie passed away in France on 1934 after succumbing to illness. Sadly enough, Pierre Curie died several years before his wife. Their combined effort is equally admired and serves as a testament for the ages.

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