the devil is in the details

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the devil is in the details


Many applications end up in the round file because the applicant does not have
“finesse” when writing. There are about fifty culprits lurking in pairs that can sabotage your chances for obtaining many of the jobs you desire.

Knowing when to use “pairs” correctly can make or break your chances for employment. When you made a suggestion at a strategy meeting, did you infer, or did you imply? And when your supervisor thought he understood the suggestion, did he imply, or infer?
What are the rules governing the usage of the adjectives few and less?

Sample Problem

Mr. Graves decided to _________ more time for finishing this project, which I appreciated _________,

Which of these is the correct sequence?

alot, a lot

alot, allot

allot, alot

allot, a lot

A lot, alot


This is a good example of the importance of knowing what the words you use actually mean.
For instance, alot is not a word. It is a quick indicator to the reader that this writer isn’t as knowledgeable as he should be. This means that none of the answers using that letter group can be right.
Allot means to assign or apportion, so it is the answer for the first blank.
A lot is the correct spelling for indicating a great deal or very much.
Knowing the meaning of words you use will help convey your intended meaning.

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