The Importance of an Outline

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The Importance of an Outline


Over the course of elementary education, students typically learn steps to complete for writing assignments. These steps can include brainstorming, pre-writing/ rough drafts, editing, finalizing, and several variations or other short steps in between.

Sample Problem

By the time students reach secondary schooling, these steps often become less recognizable if they are not commonly enforced by teachers. It is sometimes hard for students to stay organized when constructing a paper, essay, or any other form of writing. This is especially common in assignments with longer length requirements.


Drafting an outline is an undervalued form of brainstorming which can be tremendously helpful before beginning a new assignment. An outline is an effective way to identify a strong thesis and follow up with ideas and examples to build on that thesis. It helps with the clarity and organization of the writing. Referring to an outline during the writing process often gives the writer a better sense of focus, leading to a more efficient way to complete the assignment.

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