The Process Behind The Essay

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The Process Behind The Essay


Even the most able student eventually encounters the one subject or the one assignment that proves to be an insurmountable challenge. While other students have moved from the essay assignment to math or science with ease, some find it almost impossible to produce an essay worthy of praise. For this reason, the following discussion will describe the method for writing the essay with confidence.

Sample Problem

In American Literature, a common assignment is to examine a novel and to analyze the content in written form. In what ways does The Crucible by Arthur Miller prove relevant to modern events?


Miller applies three elements to bring forth the trials and tribulations of an early American colonial community. The first element is the relationship of man against man. The main character is implicated in an adulterous affair with another town resident. The plot is further complicated by the treatment of the townsfolk against all persons found to be lower than standards of decency set forth by stringent principles of piety and good will. The second element, man against nature, is indicated by the straying of plot into the outskirts of town as represented by the accounts of questionable backwoods activity. The third element is vital to the novel’s appeal and is presented as man against the supernatural. It is attributed to the confines of the forest where fire, dance, and idolatry is believed to transpire.

These literary elements, which are set against early Puritan settlements, have a longstanding implication to modern events. Among them, the Anti-Communist campaign of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy.

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