The Russian Tsars: Ivan IV

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The Russian Tsars: Ivan IV


Ivan the forth or better known as Ivan the Terrible was the first self-acclaimed Tsar (Czar) of Russia. The son of Vasili III, Ivan the Terrible lost his father when he was three, his father died from blood poisoning, his mother,Elena Glinskaya, died when he was 8,she also died by poisoning. The deaths of his parents made Ivan very cautious and ever since Ivan has been such a demented and troubled child, throwing cats and dogs off tall buildings and ripping the wings of birds. In 1547 Ivan became the Tsar of Muscovy, in the same year he held a nobility virgin contest in order to find a wife, which succeeded when Ivan married Anastasia Romanovna, a noble woman of the Romanov house, stabilized Ivan making him more social and psychopathic. Before Anastasia’s death, Ivan the Terrible was actually a very good leader, he expanded the Russian territory, creating the state of serfdom,appointed a council for advisory, and started a reformation of tax collection, statutory law and the church. By conquering the remaining independent territories around Russia, Ivan made a larger and a centralized Russia, but soon all of the good deeds that Ivan made possible quickly came to a end, when his wife, Anastasia, Died. The rumors of her death quickly came across the land, stating she was poisoned, Ivan assumed the other nobles were the cause of Anastasia’s death, so Ivan slaughtered all the opposing nobles, creating a state that was under his complete control. After slaughtering the nobles, Ivan reverted back to his demented ways, send masses of people to execution, he burn whole villages because of rumors of rebellion, accidentally killing his only son and heir to the throne, and causing his state to become a fallout of complete warfare. Ivan the Terrible’s horrible reign came to a end on March, 28th of 1584 when Ivan died from a stroke, soon Boris Godunov, Ivan’s bodyguard became the next Tsar.

Sample Problem

What were the main cause/causes of Ivan to become a terrifying Tsar?

A rebellion against him

The Mongol horde

Bird wings

The Death of his son

The death of his parents and Wife.


The deaths of his parents and wife were the starting causes of Ivan’s insanity.

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