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Thinking in French


Here is a piece of advice on how to start THINKING IN FRENCH.

Sample Problem

When we start learning a foreign language, it often seems so difficult and strange to us, so different from our own native tongue. How do we make it a part of our life?


If you study French, don’t forget about the language as soon as have closed the textbook, make it a part of your everyday life. Try to think in French. For example, you are taking a walk in the park. You can say: “Voici un arbre” – “Here is a tree”. You are tired and you say to yourself: “Je suis fatigué” – “I am tired”. Eating desert, you can say: “J’aime les bonbons!” – “I like candy!” Even if all you can do is name a few words in French here and there, do it: every little bit helps.

Don’t bother with difficult grammatical constructions, it is much more useful to say some very simple things from those you have learned already, in good French: “Merci!” – “Thank you!”, “Bonjour!” – “Hello!”, “Au revoir” – “Goodbye”. A good idea is to keep a journal in French – by the way, did you know that the English word “journal” comes to us from French? You can write some simple things there: “Il fait beau aujourd’hui” – “The weather is good today”, “Je suis malade” – “I am sick”, “J’aime mon chien” – “I love my dog”.

Don’t forget to watch French movies and listen to French songs – they have some really good ones. Even if you don’t understand much, the more you listen, the easier it will be to speak. If you have a friend who is also studying French, you can try speaking a little French together, it will be a lot of fun. And before you know it, you’ll get into the habit of THINKING IN FRENCH!

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