Tips for the AP Spanish Language and Culture test

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Tips for the AP Spanish Language and Culture test


There are so many elements to the Spanish language that it’s difficult to guess what graders will focus on. In addition, “culture” is so broad that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Sample Problem

So what will impress an AP grader? And how can you study culture? I have found that transitions are key to the AP Spanish test. I will list the transitions and their translations that I studied for weeks before my test. As for culture, of course not everyone can visit a Spanish-speaking country and learn their culture firsthand. I printed out the Wikipedia pages titled “Culture of Spain,” “Culture of Mexico,” and “Culture of Argentina,” and you can use whichever cultures interest you. I highlighted these articles with memorable information and studied them thoroughly. Through these strategies, I achieved a 5.


Here are some transitions I find to be impressive and/or easy to remember.

at first, in the beginning = al principio
at the same time = al mismo tiempo
finally = finalmente, por fin
meanwhile = mientras tanto
in addition = además
for example = por ejemplo
although = aunque
however = sin embargo
in spite of = a pesar de
on the contrary = al contrario
consequently = en consecuencia
in fact = de hecho
to summarize = para resumir
in summary = en suma

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