Tips on Writing an Interesting Essay

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Tips on Writing an Interesting Essay


Essays are a necessary part of high school, and most certainly college. The structure of an essay is simple. Much like math formulas, there is a formula for essay structure. During my time in college, the all too familiar requirement came up in my writing assignments. This was “be sure that you connect your thoughts”. Ok, well that sounds good but is it that easy to do? Yes! It is easy if you create an outline prior to starting on your essay and follow it through to the end while writing. I have seen students skip the outline part because they are trying to rush through the writing assignment to get it over with. Or some students do not find it necessary. I am a firm believer in outlines since they can keep you on track with your writing. Also, the organization and “flow” of the essay is easily seen when the ideas are summarized in an outline. It serves as a roadmap through the process of writing your essay. So, first create your outline!

Sample Problem

How do I make my essay flow and be interesting?


First, write an introduction paragraph. This paragraph has your thesis statement and introduces the reader to your writing topic. I always start with a strong thesis statement. Then, each sentence afterward in my introduction paragraph summarizes the following topic paragraphs. Once I have completed my outline I will know what each paragraph in my essay will be about. These topics summarized will create the remaining sentences in my introduction paragraph. Finally, my conclusion sentences give a glimpse of how my paper will end without giving the ending away. This conclusion sentence will get the reader interested in reading until the end. Build suspicion in this final sentence so it will push the reader on.

The next three paragraphs are body paragraphs. This is the meat of your essay. With each of these paragraphs, you want to select a sub topic that directly relates to your main idea. This is a good time to elaborate on what you are trying to say. Write a main idea for each of your three subtopics and elaborate on any research you have done on the topic or explain more details. There should be at least THREE body paragraphs in your essay.
Finally, it is time to wrap it up with a good ending. This is your conclusion paragraph.

This paragraph finishes off your essay and ties up any looses ends. For a good conclusion paragraph, always start it off with a topic sentence that summarizes your thoughts on the topic in which you choose for your essay. Each sentence after this will summarize YOUR thoughts on each body paragraph. This will give the reader a chance to understand why you chose your topic and how you feel about the events or details in the essay.

The concluding sentence in the conclusion paragraph is perhaps the most important sentence in the entire essay. This will leave the reader with the overall impression of the writing piece. It is important to spend some time on the conclusion. If the essay just drops off, then the reader will think it was incomplete. If the conclusion sentence is dry, or repetitive the reader could think the whole paper was boring. There should be just as much thought into the conclusion as was put into the introduction that originally got the readers attention.

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