trigonometric equations solving

Sample Problem

Solve for x in the following equation.

cot(x)cos^2(x) = 2 cot(x)


cot(x)cos^2(x) = 2 cot(x)

cot(x)cos^2(x) – 2 cot(x) = 0

cot(x)[cos^2(x) – 2] = 0

cot(x) = 0 or cos^2(x) – 2 = 0

cos(x)/sin(x) = 0 or cos^2(x) = 2

cos(x) = 0 or cos(x) = sqrt(2)

x = 2npi (+/-) pi/2 or x = no values [as cosx cannot be greater than 1]

so x = 2npi (+/-) pi/2 is the solution set

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