Trouble Focusing on Studys

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Trouble Focusing on Studys


This Tutorial is to help you if you have ADD and can’t focus on a task, I had ADD in high school. I could not focus on a task that was longer than about a half an hour, But this is a simple technique that helped me get through my troubles. This helped me get through the harsh studying of high school and college. (I can not guaranteed that this will 100% help you in your troubles, It show improvements)

Sample Problem

You have a big test in 4 days, You need to study Statistics. You can’t focus for more than 15 minutes and want to go play video games. How would you be able to do both?


1. You need to figure out what you already know and what you REALLY need to study.
2. You need to figure out how long you can keep your attention on the subject. (in the situation stated it is 15 minutes)
3. Study for max attention time.
4. Take a break for 2X max study time (max study time is 15 minutes, Take a 30 minute break)
(Here is the most critical part of the solution, do not take a break longer than allowed, if you fail to do so You will be falling behind, what I did was set a timer on my phone.)
5. Repeat steps 3-5 until you reach ~4 Hours.
In this situation you will have 6 Max study times 15 minutes*6=90 Minutes (1 1/2 Hours) and 5 allowed breaks (30 minutes*5=150 minutes (2 1/2 Hours) giving you a total time of 4 hours. {What I recommend is that you go over the 4 hours if you don’t reach the 4 hour mark}
If you follow this method you should have a larger amount of time studying than if you just tried to over power your ADD. It has also helped me retain more information than forcing myself to stay focused.

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