Using Basic ETRE; What ETRE is

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Using Basic ETRE; What ETRE is


If you are taking french or trying to learn french it is extremely important to learn ETRE as your first verb. ETRE stands for “to be” and will help you slowly transition into being able to make simple sentences in french. You will use the verb ETRE in almost ever composition, conversation or essay that you write in french.

Here is ETRE in its pronoun forms
Il/Elle/On EST
Ils/Elles SONT

If you are using it in a negative form, slap the ETRE in between “ne” and “pas.” Remember you are not allowed to have vowels beside each other!

Sample Problem

Translate from english to french and vice versa

1) I am
2) We are
3) You are not
4) On es
5) Elles Sont
6) You are all not


1) Je suis
2) Nous sommes
3) You are not
4) It is
5) They are
6) Vous n’etes pas

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