Verbs of Motion Basics

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Verbs of Motion Basics


According to 501 Russian Verbs by Thomas R. Beyer, Jr., “[t]he verbs of motion are an essential part of a Russian’s outlook.” In this lesson we will take a look at several common verbs of motion.

Sample Problem

Russian verbs indicate whether the action has one definite direction or not, that is, unidirectional or multidirectional. In each pair, both verbs belong to the imperfective aspect.

Multidirectional Unidirectional
to walk: ходить идти
to ride: ездить ехать
to carry: носить нести
to take/carry by vehicle: возить везти
to run: бегать бежать
to fly: летать лететь



Multidirectional: Мы ходим по городу. (We are walking around town.)
Unidirectional: Мы идем в музей. (We are going to the museum.)


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