Vocabulary in context

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Vocabulary in context


Critical reading aspects of the Reading section for the SAT require the student to complete a sentence or passage by selecting the appropriate response.

Sample Problem

_________ in nature, Sharon was often heard recounting the latest tabloid scandal to unenthused coworkers.







First, you need to determine which answer choices are the least likely to accurately complete the sentence.

Taciturn means reserved or uncommunicative and therefore an incorrect response.

Acquiescent is also a completely incorrect response, as it means to be meek or mild in behavior.

Condescending is another incorrect response because it means to act in superiority or appear snobby in behavior.

The CORRECT answer:

Garrulous is defined as talkative, especially on trivial matters. This is the correct answer choice because it accurately completes the sentence.

You will also find Distractors Among your answer choices. For example, the word Formidable means to inspire fear or respect. Some students may think this choice could fit in with the statement simply because of the word association with “tabloid scandal”. However, because the statement claims Sharon’s coworkers to be unenthusiastic, this would make the word Formidable the inappropriate choice as it is not a characteristic implied of Sharon.

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