When to use certain words

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When to use certain words


Quite a lot of people still seem to have difficulty when or where to apply to, two, too, were, we’re, where, there, their, they’re. Hopefully we can break down some of these to be better understood, and less of a hassle to work with in the future.

Sample Problem

Let’s tackle were and where.

Were is a word seldom used. But talks in the sens of the past.
We’re is a conjunction of We and Are.
Where is a word you are most likely looking to use a larger percent of the time. (This is used for a place or position of a noun.


“If the cake were sold, there would be none left.” It may sound odd, but its correct.

“We’re going to buy that cake.” Indicating current action or call to action.

“I asked where the cake was, but they where sold out.” Location of item.
“Where is the closest bakery?” Asking a location in general

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