Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 1

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Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 1


The problem with the United States education system is that it does not prepare people for particular jobs. Furthermore, a college degree has become so commonplace that it no longer differentiates one from the pack of potential employees. Instead of relying on the education system to function properly, we need to prepare for the specific jobs we desire on our own.

However, selecting a career path is daunting to high school graduates because they still have no idea what is out there. But having a plan is not impossible. In Germany, most high school students have a career plan and even prepare for their particular plan in high school.

This is part one of the tutorial and it will focus on aptitude tests.
Part two is about studying.
Part three is about shadowing/experience
Part four is about college

Sample Problem

Use the following information to answer the question below.

Aptitude Tests

Oh, the dreaded aptitude tests. Before you get too scared to take these tests that determine which careers are best for you, take a deep breath and try to understand that these tests do not involve any commitment to a particular job. If you do not like the results, then simply ignore the test and find a career path on your own. Yet, aptitude tests can help you to find a few career options that you may be interested in. Overall, do not fear aptitude tests because they merely give you options and surely do not predict your destiny. Here is a nice aptitude test for those who have no idea what they want to do: http://www.yourfreecareertest.com/

Why is taking an aptitude test important?

It selects the right career for you.

It is important for people who know for certain what their career path is.

It gives options to those who have not chosen a career path.

It is not because it limits choices.

It is not actually important to take because aptitude tests tend to be misleading.


Aptitude tests are important because they provide options for those who do not have a set career path. They do not narrow your choices; instead, aptitude tests broaden them.

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