Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 4

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Why you Need a Career Plan before College and How to do So Part 4


This is part four on career planning. This is the last part and it covers college.

Sample Problem

Use the following information to answer the question below.


Notice how college is the last step of the process? That is because you should already know and have experience with what you want to do before moving on to a professional education. Most people go through college as if it was a time of exploration. While the partying and freedom is fun and all, you do not want to constantly switch your majors or be unprepared for your career like a lot of college students are.

Remember that, in college, you are studying for a particular career, not for a major. Ensure that you take the classes you need to even if they do not directly go with your degree requirements. And, with that, you should be set on your career path; just make sure that you do not stray.

What is the point of college?

To have fun.

To impress people.

To get a degree.

To meet new people.

To prepare you for your chosen career.


The primary reason to go to college is to prepare you for your career and to make the transition into your career easier.

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