Women’s history

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Women's history


Many people claim that Islam is sexist. But some muslim-majority countries have elected female heads of state

Sample Problem

How many female heads of state have there been in muslim-majority countries?


TANSU ÇILLER, Prime Minister of Turkey, 1993-1996
MEGAWATI SUKARNOPUTRI, President of Indonesia, 2001-2004
MAME MADIOR BOYE, Prime Minister of Senegal, 2001-2002
ATIFETE JAHJAGA, President of Kosovo, 2011-present
ROZA OTUNBAYEVA, President of Kyrgyzstan, 2010-2011
SHEIKH HASINA, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, 1996 – 2001; 2009 – Present
BENAZIR BHUTTO, Prime Minister of Pakistan, 1988 – 1990; 1993 – 1996
KHALEDA ZIA, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, 1991 – 1996; 2001 – 2006
AMEENAH FAKIM, President of Mauritius, 2015 – Present

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  1. Jeffrey D 10/18/2016, 8:09 pm Reply

    I find this very informative. I had no idea. I know there is a difference between Islam and Islamic extremism, but I never would have thought…