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Writing a Thesis


Billy has read, Bridge to Terabithia, and now has to write a 5-paragraph essay. Unfortunately he is struggling on how to write a thesis, for his introduction paragraph.

Sample Problem

He knows one theme is, the innocence of childhood. He knows another is, the loss of innocence. He is also aware of the general plot of the book, having just read it. A boy and a girl become friends and create an imaginary magical world on the other side of a small river. A tragic accident kills the girl, quickly stealing away the boys childhood innocence.


Billy remembers his teacher telling him to think about how the themes in the novel relate to each other. That relation can then be used to come up with a thesis statement for a report on the novel. Billy thinks about how blissful the two characters were at early parts in the novel, as they were becoming great friends. Billy also remembers how quickly that changed, and how the boy was never able to have that innocence back. His solution became, “Childhood innocence is blissful yet fleeting, and once it is lost it cannot return.”

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