Writing a Thesis

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Writing a Thesis


When beginning a paper, the issue that many people face is coming up with a thesis sentence. A thesis sentence is one of the most important parts of the introductory paragraph, as it lets the reader know what you will be writing about.

Sample Problem

Assignment: compare the differences between frogs and toads in a two page paper.


Step 1: Research – figure out what differences there are between frogs and toads.

Step 2: Write down those differences – frogs have slimy skin while toads have bumpy skin; frogs lay eggs in clusters while toads lay eggs in a chain; frogs live closer to or in water while toads prefer land.

Step 3: Consider the audience – will this assignment be read by instructors, fellow students, people who are very familiar with the differences between these animals, etc., that way you know how professional to make it sound.

Step 4: Write the thesis with the information you have gathered..

Example: While many people have a hard time distinguishing frogs and toads from one another, there are many differences between them; some of these differences include the feel of their skin, the way they lay their eggs, and the places they live.

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  1. Luis F 05/01/2017, 12:20 pm Reply

    Hi Cassandra,
    I read your tutorial Writing a Thesis. The only suggestion I have is to use ‘Thesis:’ instead of ‘Example:’
    But, otherwise a useful writing tip.

    Luis Freire
    Rutgers University