Writing an Essay or Making an Informative Speech

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Writing an Essay or Making an Informative Speech


Students often struggle with how to begin, develop and conclude an essay or an informative speech. A simple three-step process works for both.

Sample Problem

You have to write about or give a speech on an informative topic (example: the decline of the coal industry).



1. Tell your audience what you are going to tell them. (Example: “For decades, well into and through the 20th Century, coal mining was a major source of fuel for energy and heating in homes, businesses and industry. But for over a quarter of a century, the U.S. coal industry has been declining. Three factors have been the major causes of the decline: technology and automation, competition from other energy sources and environmental regulations.”)

2. Tell them. (Example: One or more paragraphs on automated machine drilling and resulting loss of jobs; a paragraph on cheaper natural gas for power plants; one or more paragraphs on alternatives such as solar and wind sources; and paragraphs on carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants from coal, ground water pollution and soils damage from mining operations.)

3. Tell them what you told them. (Example: “While coal is still a part of the energy needs in America and around the world, the industry’s part of meeting energy demands has declined significantly as jobs have been lost to automation; cheaper, renewable resources have been developed at less cost; and environmental regulations have put additional, sometimes costly, requirements on mining. Because of these factors, it is likely that the coal industry will never fully recover its place in providing fuel for the world’s energy demands.”)

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