Writing numbers as tens and ones

Elementary Math (K-6th) Tutorial

Writing numbers as tens and ones


Writing numbers as tens and ones is deconstructing the number, teaching the learner the different number places (ones, tens, hundreds, etc.). When asked to write a number as tens and ones, it is most helpful to draw pictures, either right next to the problem or using a scrap piece of paper.

Sample Problem

Write the number 57 in tens and ones.
57 is ______ tens + ________ ones.


1) Rewrite the problem so it makes sense to you. Other versions of this question might include, how many tens and ones are in the number 57? or, 57 is blank tens plus blank ones.

2) Once you understand what the question asks, draw your picture. For this problem, they are asking you about the number 57, so for the picture, you should be able to draw it out. The drawing should have 5 groups of ten, with 7 ones left over.

3) After you draw the picture, you should be able to answer the question.
The answer being 57 is 5 tens and 7 ones.

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