The problem today will be fixing run-on sentences, incomplete sentences, compound, and simple sentences, by separating and combing dependent and independent clauses.

Sample Problem

So today we will be discussing the run-on sentences and when one should be ended and when a run-on sentence can become a compound sentence or simple sentences regarding dependent and independent clauses.


One can be ended The solution is to focus on the sentence piece by piece identifying the subject verb and action. If we find the subject and what the subject is doing we can clearly seee this run-on sentence can be fixed.
So today we will be fixing run-on sentence and when they should be ended. Simple sentence independent clause number one. We being the subject fixing being the verb and what are “we fixing” run-on sentences therefore making the first line an independent clause able to be its own sentence. Next, and when one can be ended and one run-on sentence can become a compound sentence or simple sentences regarding independent and dependent clauses. There is no subject so who is doing to fixing and combing of the run-on sentences. Since we are the subject we simply add we to the beginning of the sentence and now it becomes
We identify a independent clauses and dependent clause in run-on sentences and are able to combine them in order to be able to eliminate run-one.

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