Your, You’re and There, They’re and Their

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Your, You're and There, They're and Their


When it comes to the English language, many can become confused when trying to determine which form of words that they should be using. The words: Your, You’re and the words There, They’re and Their all sound the same, so why does it matter which spelling you use when writing down your ideas?
The answer: Although they sound the same when spoken and written down, they do not hold the same meanings! talk about confusing am I right?

Sample Problem

You are writing a story about a group of kids and a ball that is owned by one of kids. How would you express this? would you say :

1.) “that is (their, they’re, there) ball? which one would you use here? how can you tell the meanings apart

2.) What if the ball belonged to you? would it be “your” or “you’re” ball?


Here is a quick key to help you choose which spelling format is correct:

Your= Yours, this form is possessive and refers to something that is belonging to you. ex: ” that’s your ball” ( correct answer to the above problem)
You’re= This means You-Are, the ‘ takes the place of the “A” in Are in order to make these two words into one.

There= Refers to a place ex: ” the ball is over there by the tree”
Their= is possessive ex: ” That is Their ball” ( correct answer to the above problem)
They’re= They are: much like You’re the ‘ takes the place of the “A” in are in order to make these two words into one whole word.

1.) That is their ball
2.) That is your ball

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