English Tutoring Job In Woodbridge, VA

English Tutoring Job In Woodbridge, VA

Ata B posted the following English tutoring job in Woodbridge, VA on February 21, 2018.

Job Description:

Looking for a tutor to help with my 5th grader in Language Arts. His name is Ata Butt and he goes to Mary G. Porter Traditional School. I am his mother Amtul Din and my nick name is Tina so you call me that. Ata started really well and was Above grade level in reading in 1st term and had a B+ but for the 2nd term he received on grade level reading and a simple B. I am really concerned because he will be attending the same school in 6th grade since Porter is a traditional school until 8th grade. We are available on the weekends evenings. His teacher is really sweet and I am going to have a conference with her on coming Friday. Please let me know if 30 minutes is okay for every session. I feel that Ata does not know how to effectively study because he studies a lot but may not be studying wisely. He does not like me to help him out. I really want him to grasp all the key concepts like context clues, fiction and nonfiction text readiness, figurative language and of-course strong grammar skills. Please let me know of your method of tutoring and where to you meet your students. I like to start as soon as possible so that Ata will be all ready by May for his S.O.L.

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