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Tutors on The Knowledge Roundtable provide tutoring for a wide range of students. There’s no such thing as “too old” or “too young”, “too smart” or “not smart enough.” We are passionate about learning and encourage the use of tutoring for more than passing tests; it’s about enriching your life and staying hungry for knowledge.

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We strive to maintain a diverse and comprehensive network of tutors. Our recruiting process is inclusive yet diligent; we accept tutors from any background but require completion of general and subject-specific certification tests. Tutors set their own rates, so you can find the right balance between qualifications and cost during your search for a tutor.

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Benefits Of Tutoring

Tutoring is the most efficient and effective way for a student to learn. The benefits of tutoring are numerous. They stem primarily from the unmatched feedback and individual attention students receive.

During a tutoring session, a student receives instantaneous feedback from their tutor at every stage. Tutors provide insights on everything from how well students approach problems to whether they have gaps in their knowledge. A tutor can coach a student on how to simplify a complex task, saving not only time but confusion and frustration. A tutor can also identify the reasons for a student’s mistakes and help the student correct them immediately.

Better grades and better test scores

The obvious benefits of tutoring include improved grades and test scores. But the benefits go well beyond those superficial measures, as the case study below demonstrates.

Amanda’s Success Story:

Amanda was a hard working student who had been committing at least 5 hours per week to her SAT prep. In the first 5 weeks that we worked together, we saw little progress, as measured by her stagnant practice test scores. But I knew she was learning new material and building relevant knowledge for the test. There was a disconnect between her knowledge and her test scores.
This disparity is routine for a seasoned tutor. At this point, it was obvious that Amanda needed more than just practice. She needed coaching on The Art of Test Taking. After a few targeted questions I was able to identify a quirk in her thought process. Her mind was becoming bored easily; even while we talked her eyes and mind would wander, searching for some more potent stimulus. I explained my observation to her, and instructed her to overcome boredom by using her imagination to stimulate her mind while performing the dull task of SAT prep. Five weeks later her SAT score improved by 260 points.

Clearly, the benefits of tutoring for Amanda went well beyond the SAT. She now has a tool to get her mind more fully engaged in any dry but necessary task. She has refined her ability to focus, which will pay dividends throughout her life.

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