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Become A Tutor

Do you have a knack for explaining often difficult subject matter? Do you have a passion for helping students learn? Then we want you! Tutoring can be a great way to make a difference in a student’s life while earning extra income and working around an existing schedule. To get started with us, simply register on our site and create a tutor profile. After completing your profile you’ll become eligible to apply to tutoring jobs and work with students. Please note: must be 18 years of age and a current U.S. resident.

Plus, it only takes 15 minutes to register!

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Who We’re Looking For

Some Knowledge Roundtable tutors are experienced educators with years of teaching and tutoring experience. But not all. Others are students, writers, analysts, and even nurses.

But what every tutor shares is a passion for the advancement of knowledge. Our tutors are eager to share their knowledge with students and are dedicated to helping students learn.

We are looking for tutors that share this passion.

Why Work For Us?

The Knowledge Roundtable is different because when you become a tutor with us we a) let you set your own rate, b) start you at a take-home percentage of 75%, and c) give you tools to demonstrate how reliable, trustworthy, and affordable you are as a tutor. Plus, it only takes 15 minutes to register!

Tutor’s Responsibilities vs. Ours

When you become a tutor with The Knowledge Roundtable, you set your own hourly rate and make your own arrangements with students. We provide assistance on demand in a number of capacities, but ultimately it is your responsibility to teach students the material, help them ace tests, and build confidence.

Our responsibilities are to find students for you, process payments, and provide you with the tools necessary to communicate your effectiveness as a tutor. We strive to maintain thin margins to keep your take-home pay as high as possible.

Payment Structure

You have control over your earnings with the hourly rate that you set. You will receive that rate less a 25% commission taken by The Knowledge Roundtable for its services. We wish that you could receive 100% of what your students pay, but ultimately we spend time, money, and effort to make and sustain tutoring connections for you. If you don’t believe this is a fair and equitable arrangement, we respectfully ask that you do not register with our site.

Your students will pay online for all of your lessons and you will submit all of your lesson details online. You will connect with students on the site in two ways: (1) by applying to open tutoring jobs and (2) by receiving inquiries directly from students, via email and text message. We ask that you commit to the following three obligations while interacting with students: (i) reply promptly to students, whether you are interested and available or not; (ii) be honest and forthright in your communications with students; and (iii) follow our payment policies by ensuring that students pay online.

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