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Become A Tutor

Do you have a knack for explaining often difficult subject matter? Do you have a passion for helping students learn? Then we want you! Tutoring can be a great way to make a difference in a student’s life while earning extra income and working around an existing schedule.

To get started with us, simply register on our site and create a tutor profile. After completing your profile you’ll become eligible to apply to tutoring jobs and work with students. You then collect payments for your lessons online with low fees.

So go ahead, it takes just 5 minutes to register!

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Why Register?

  1. Over 10,000 students per month use our tutor search engine.
  2. You can receive unlimited inquiries directly from students, and apply to unlimited tutoring jobs.
  3. You can receive additional exposure by writing tutorials.
  4. You can get paid online directly from students upfront and with very low fees. No more giving away 40% of your earnings to agencies and waiting weeks for payment.

Who We’re Looking For

Some Knowledge Roundtable tutors are experienced educators with years of teaching and tutoring experience. But not all. Others are students, writers, analysts, and even nurses.

But what every tutor shares is a passion for the advancement of knowledge. Our tutors are eager to share their knowledge with students and are dedicated to helping students learn.

We are looking for tutors that share this passion.

How It Works

When you register as a tutor on The Knowledge Roundtable, you set your own hourly rate and make your own arrangements with students. You will collect payments for your services online directly from parents/students.

It’s totally up to you to teach students the material, help them ace tests, and build confidence. We provide you with a search engine for teaching materials and training courses.

You can collect ratings and reviews about your tutoring services from any parent/student with whom you exchange communications on our site. We encourage you to request reviews from your clients in order to improve the credibility and exposure of your tutor profile.

The Knowledge Roundtable’s tutor search engine will generate tutoring leads for you (inquiries from students and parents). The more active you are on the site and the more lessons you complete, the more leads you will receive. You can also apply to unlimited jobs using our tutoring job search engine.

Payment Structure

You have control over your earnings with the hourly rate that you set. You will collect payments online directly from parents/students. Unlike other tutoring marketplaces and agencies, you don’t need to wait weeks to get paid or give up 40% of your earnings. On The Knowledge Roundtable, you receive payment instantly (we never touch your money). And we only collect a small 1.5% processing fee. Note that our processing partner Stripe collects an additional 2.9% fee plus $0.30 per transaction.

Writing Tutorials

As an approved tutor on our site, you become eligible to write and submit tutorials. A tutorial is a short practice problem plus solution that is published on our site and made available to anyone, anywhere, for free.

Writing tutorials is a great way to demonstrate your subject matter expertise to prospective students. Your tutorials will be displayed in your tutor profile and will boost your organic ranking in our tutor search engine.

Tutors who write tutorials also receive free advertising space on our tutor search page. This means more students who are actively seeking a tutor will see your profile, and ultimately become your clients.

As a tutorial author, you will also help your fellow tutors within our community. Your tutorials may attract students that ultimately hire another tutor on the site, as may other tutors’ tutorials attract students that ultimately hire you.

But the true beneficiaries of your tutorials will be the students themselves. Students from around the world will have free access to the knowledge you share. And students might just be introduced to that perfect tutor who helps them turn the corner in their academic lives.

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