Success Stories

What Parents Are Saying...

Christine W from Hampton Falls, NH says:
Stephen was a great tutor for the reading and verbal portions of the SSAT test. He is an enthusiastic teacher and our son enjoyed his style and lessons very much. He was able to accommodate our short testing timeframe and he really included the whole family in the learning process. We plan to call on Stephen in the future when our second son is ready for testing. Thank you Stephen for your continued support and for making this process go smoothly for us.
naomi b from Great Barrington, MA says:
Zachary is brilliant, punctual, and patient with my son. His lesson plans are creative and well thought out and I really appreciate the thought and preparation that has gone into his tutoring. I get the feeling that he would be equally capable in all subjects, not just science, as he is a natural teacher and has a wide range of interests and experience. I highly recommend him, particularly for home schoolers.
Kristen I from Schenectady, NY says:
My younger sister Sofia has been working with Raebeth for two months and I must say we are more than pleased! She continues helping Sofia understand/review the material (US History) facilitates questions and practice quizzes, and has successfully taught her some concrete study skills. As a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Education, I am impressed. We happily refer our friends and relatives to the Knowledge Roundtable! Thank you
Kristi H from Exeter, NH says:
Jared has done an excellent job working with my daughter. He has demonstrated many strategies allowing her to feel more confident with the upcoming tests. His flexibility and patience is exemplary. I would highly recommend Jared to anyone looking for a tutor.
Jason E from Hampton, NH says:
My son is a JR at a local private HS. He is an honor roll student but confidence to ‘reach’ for more and thereby to get into a great college were not high. He did ok on the PSATs but does need to do better to get into a great engineering school. When looking for SAT courses, I ran into the Knowledge Roundtable and then the profile for Jared. Jared is young enough that my son can relate to him. The most important component that I knew my son needed is to build confidence in all his classes so that he can slam dunk for this very important Junior year in High School. My son has been receiving tutoring (at the Knowledge Roundtable on location in Exeter) twice a week for only 6 weeks so far and he is already so much more confident about and committed to his work load. Respectfully, Lisa
Hailey P from Louisville, KY says:
Chris is a great tutor that helped me with my college math act. He's super smart and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend!!
Margaret M from Syrov, Vysocina Region says:
Laura Snepenger knows her stuff in the natural sciences and all levels of math. And she communicates very well. Laura works well with older children, teens and adults. Laura is honest with her time and resources. She is diligent and forthright. She successfully tutored my son through a difficult college chemistry course. I highly recommend her.
Danielle C from Hannibal, NY says:
Laura has been an amazing help to my daughter with her Earth Science!! She always makes time for her, she is understanding when something comes up,and she even made time to work with my other daughter on geometry. She is very knowledgeable on many subjects and would recommend to anyone looking for tutoring assistance to contact Laura. I look forward to continuing to work with her for my kids needs in the future!
Katie L from Neillsville, WI says:
Laura S. was an exceptional tutor in physics and math. I was tutored by her for an entire semester in applied physics and math at the college level. Laura was able to simplify, explain, and practically work through problems in a way that best helps the student to understand the topic and retain the information long term. I would review all my topics with her a week or two before a test, and she would break down everything and form problems that applied to what I would be tested on. Laura would also ask me to explain what I was learning back to her in a simplified manner. These factors helped solidify my understanding of the topics. Thanks to Laura I passed the physics class. I couldn't have done it without her help!
Mark F from Hampton, NH says:
Stephanie connected with our son right away and has put him on a great path to preparing for the SAT. He is preparing for his sessions with new vocab and review of practice tests.
Susan M says:
Paul is a very helpful guy. He helped me understand exactly what is going on in my calculus class. He is very professional and comes prepared to help. I would absolutely recommend Paul as a tutor.
Beth G from Boston, MA says:
Excellent first lesson with Paul!!! He and Riley covered a lot of material and we are all impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. We also appreciate his flexibility for meeting times and willingness to work around Riley's schedule.
Monique H from Coventry, RI says:
It was the first session but my son seemed very happy with him. Second session is next week and then an exam. From what my son is saying he is happy with Herbert so far. After the second session, my son was still very happy with his teaching-saying it was clear and decisive. This last session, Bryan was very happy with how well Herb explained everything and wished his teacher was as good.
elaine d from Portsmouth, NH says:
Greg has been extremely helpful to me. His ability to equate math problems to real life examples has been a real eye opener for me.
kerry b from Plaistow, NH says:
Stephen is a patient and motivating tutor.
Michelle D from Woodbridge, CT says:
A great first session. Sophie left feeling confident and ready to take on more geometry. Thanks for the boost.
Kristi H from Exeter, NH says:
All lessons my daughter has had with Stephanie H have been of the highest quality.