Alena M

Middletown, CT

Middle And High School Science Teacher, And Currently A Science Tutor At A High School.



Retired last year after teaching science for 13 yrs. I am certified in Biology and General science. Taught 7th, 8th and 9th grades, and HS Biology. The content areas of science that I have taught at the Middle school level included:
Cells, human body, classification and taxonomy, genetics and heredity, mitosis and meiosis, bacteria and viruses, health and nutrition, photosynthesis and respiration, taxonomy and classification.
I also taught middle school and some high school physics including:
Motion, speed, acceleration, momentum, simple machines, mechanical advantage and efficiency,
energy, potential and kinetic, energy conversion, temperature conversions. Also some basic chemistry including atoms, elements, periodic table, mixtures and solution, ionic and covalent bonding, balancing chemical
equations, gas laws…
I have my own website that students are welcome to use as a resource to help them review information taught.


Masters in Science Education, certified in Biology and General Science.

Subjects of Expertise

Biology, Physical Science

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