Amy S

Palestine, TX

Learning Coach



As a Learning Coach, I recognize the importance of outlining educational objectives as well as keeping the learner organized, motivated and on-track with instructor assignments. My purpose is to help students realize their fullest learning potential through individualized grade appropriate learning plans. I am keenly aware of how vital it is to minimize distractions and create an environment conducive to learning. This encompasses setting a routine study schedule, working collaboratively with students and parents, and providing supplemental learning materials. A learning coach is a guide and a motivator adept at gauging educational progress, solving problems, and developing a student’s love of learning.

My mission is to create and deliver customized coaching strategies for students who are:

• Feeling adrift or overwhelmed
• Needing support in getting caught up on their studies
• Having difficulty with new concept comprehension

I believe in creating custom plans based upon grade level:

• Elementary school children need to firmly grasp essential skills including reading, writing, math and other core subjects
• Middle school children need to be instilled with increased responsibility
• High school students need independence

I have successfully aided students in:

• Defining and accomplishing their own personally set learning goals
• Developing a study plan of action
• Staying organized and focused
• Managing their time wisely
• Adapting to new educational settings or situations
• Communicating their needs to their instructors by acting as a learning liaison

My background is in:

• English grammar and composition
• Scholarly research and writing
• Report and essay writing
• Child and adolescent development
• Human development
• Organizational development

Please call or email me for an appointment to discuss your student’s learning goals and needs.


M.A. Managment & B.A. Psychology

Subjects of Expertise

Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary

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