Andrea R

Dover, NH

99th Percentile Tutor: SAT, ACT, Calculus, Precalculus



Turn yours struggles into success! I have been tutoring for over fourteen years and have worked with students of diverse backgrounds. I began tutoring during high school as a volunteer tutor to an algebra class at a private Catholic school in my community. I had always assisted my peers in class, so tutoring formally came very naturally to me. My high school guidance counselors saw how much I excelled at math and science, as well as how my I enjoyed sharing my affinity for those subjects with other students in the classroom, and suggested that I tutor at the high school. As a volunteer during high school, I tutored algebra through upper level math and even tutored several students who had previously struggled to complete the PASS program.

When I attended university at the University of Chicago, I volunteered to tutor students on the south side of Chicago. I met students who lacked the the educational resources that I was accustomed to having. Having scored in the 99+ percentile on both the SAT and the ACT, I also began tutoring students in standardized test preparation. Given the variety of students whom I have worked with, I am able to bring up the scores of those who are struggling and also help those who are reaching for the very top.

I truly enjoy all of the subjects that I tutor, and I hope that my students see how fun their formerly hated subjects can be. I can hardly imagine a more fun Saturday afternoon than one filled with calculus problem sets, and I hope that my students can at least learn not to dread them. Throughout my near decade of tutoring experience, I have also worked with numerous adult students who were re-learning math after many years away from academic math. I welcome adult learners and all levels from middle school through university.

I actually began physics tutoring with my sister in high school before I had taken physics myself, which might be a testament to how much I enjoy both tutoring and physics. I've since scored a 5 on the AP exam and taken upper level physics with calculus at the University of Chicago.

My love for chemistry began with a 5 in AP Chemistry, followed by a perfect score on the SAT II Chemistry test, and my enrollment in Organic Chemistry at a university during my senior year of high school, because I couldn't stand to wait another year to take more chemistry. I've since taken upper level Honors Organic Chemistry at the University of Chicago, and I would be delighted to share the joys of chemistry and organic chemistry with you.

My math background coupled with my knowledge of Ancient Greek and Latin gives me the ability to provide added insight on both the Math and Verbal portions of the SAT. I teach individualized SAT courses including both or either subject.

More about me:
I graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Biological Sciences with an Endocrinology Specialization. I've always loved academics and tutoring others, and I would be delighted to help you or your child.

I was also valedictorian of my high school class of 400+, a National Merit Scholar (requires placement in the 99+ percentile of the PSAT), and a National AP Scholar (requires scores of 4 or 5 on 8 or more exams. Mine included Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, European History, US History, English, and Psychology).

I have tutored the following subjects:
SAT and ACT preparation

Advanced Algebra
SAT and ACT Math sections

Organic Chemistry

I have also done university coursework in physics, molecular biology, physiology, endocrinology, calculus, differential equations, organic chemistry, Ancient Greek (Attic), Latin, and German.

In order to keep up with the changes to the ACT, I took the April 2016 administration and received a perfect 36 composite score.


B.A. University of Chicago

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT English, ACT Science, SSAT, PSAT, GRE Math, GRE Verbal, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Writing, Reading, Grammar, TEFL, Pre-Calculus, GED

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