Arielle E

Grove City, PA

History And Japanese Tutor



A history buff since age 5, I'm currently studying for my Masters Degree in history. I am also fluent in Japanese and have been invited to speak at the East Asian Conference here in Pennsylvania to review my paper on Shinto (a Japanese religion). However, my love of history involves ALL aspects of world history.

I have been a tutor in the past, my most recent being an English as a Second Language History Tutor for the American Scholar Group. I was the most requested tutor employed there and that is something that I take great pride in.


BA History, Minor in Asian Studies with a Specialty in Japanese Language and Culture

Subjects of Expertise

Japanese, U.S. History, World History, Career Counseling

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2 Tutorials by Arielle E

Historiography (The Study of How People Study History)

Historiography is the study of the study of history. In a clearer sense, it is the study of how people study history. Throughout the study of history, there are factors which can affect the reliability of that source. As is said, to the history goes the victors. As such, most of the ‘mainstream’ history is…

Common Sentence Enders (Desu, Yo, Ne, Ka)

Sentences in the Japanese language tend to follow patterns.