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Deaf since birth, I've gone to Model Secondary School for the Deaf at the age of 16 and learned sign language fluently in three months and embraced Deaf (ASL) Culture. To my surprise, I was rewarded with a certificate stating "Best Rookie of the Year".

After graduating MSSD- I went to NTID (National Technical Institute for the Deaf) at Rochester, NY for a year but decided social work was not my forte and transferred to Gallaudet University in Washington DC.

It was there from my Deaf peers who all taught me the basics of hard core ASL (American Sign Language).

In 1995, wanting to fully understand its own grammar rules, I began studying ASL linguistic, Deaf Studies and mentored from various ASL teachers and attended many ASLTA workshops in the NW earning many certificates for over 7 years. Became an expert in helping ASL students who learn differently - those who were getting Ds and Fs from other teachers began to get As and Bs when under my tutelage.

Still not satisfied, I earned three certificates in becoming a professional tutor level I & II, then I became a Master Tutor from Clackamas Community College. Also certified twice to be an ASL Evaluator and Mentor. At last, I took an ASLPI test from Gallaudet University and earned an ASL 4 Level rating.

I work for Convo Relay evaluating their pre-employment ASL VRI interpreters. Also evaluate for various sign language interpreting agencies nationwide & organizations that hire employees who sign.

On the creative side, I've acted in several theaters or Deaf plays such as the demanding leading role of Sarah in Children of a Lesser God and my director stated in her Theater Appreciation class - out of nine other local professional plays in Portland city - her class voted me as the best actress in Portland. I was pleasantly surprised & grateful. That says a lot coming from a hearing audience not fluent in ASL. You may also get a glimpse of me in Mr Holland's Opus movie.
With my Deaf ASL Literature teacher's approval & strong encouragement (Patrick Fischer) who loved my homework assignment - you can see me in YouTube for signing an unique ABC story about our environment at:

My other passion is learning foreign sign languages whenever I travel and meet international Deaf folks.
I am also learning to use this great language hunting skills or techniques that is like playing fun games to learn foreign languages from my mentor, Willem Larsen.
To read more about it go to:

ASL is my passion and passing my knowledge to those who honestly thirsts for it gives me the greatest joy.


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Learning ASL with Different Learning Styles

Learning ASL with Different Learning Styles

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Most of us, by now, have discovered we have different learning styles when mastering a subject.

There is now a newer Learning Style approach called “Multiple Intelligences”. Most traditional teaching methods that is used (and still being used) is mainly linguistic and logical teaching.

Learning Style simply means there are different techniques where a …