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How To Slay Your Tests And Make It Look Easy



"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." – a quote falsely attributed to Bill Gates

While I'm not a lazy person, this quote does point out the virtue in seeking ways to ease the strains of problem-solving; test-taking (and especially the SAT/ACT) is one of the areas where this works best without sacrificing anything significant. When it comes to standardized testing, it's in your or your child's best interest to set a goal, maximize their output, and minimize the energy and thought required to reach whatever score you deem necessary.

That's where I come in. I'm currently a rising junior at an Ivy League university, and I got into this school due to a good combination of my written account of my life and excellent test scores. I scored a 2200 on the old SAT (despite only using the horrible College Board prep book to study), a 34 on the ACT (which I took on a whim, due to a last minute notification by my college counselor), and have passed every AP test I've taken, scoring 5's on Calculus AB, Literature, Environmental Science, U.S. Government, and Comparative Government.

I've tutored in the past, both formally and informally. As a calculus student in high school, I took part in after-school programs where I helped underclassmen, peers at my own grade level, and older students with their homework and with understanding concepts. Informally, I've had the pleasure of being an older sibling since the age of two, and I've spent the past 18 years refreshing my knowledge of past standards and concepts through helping my younger brother with his school work and college hunt. I have a knack for discovering my own way of solving problems and storing information, and it has served me well over my academic career; this skill constantly proves itself invaluable, and I look forward to helping others refine it and find the (not-so-secret) methods necessary for success.


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