Benjamin B

Baton Rouge, LA

"The Tall English Guy"



I am a PhD candidate at LSU (graduating in August), where I have taught literature, composition, and reading/writing for the past seven years. I have also taught middle and high school social studies and ACT Prep, and I am currently an AP Literature Grader (meaning, every year I go to Kansas City and grade about over 1000 AP essays in a week). I also have articles published in several top-tier academic journals, for what that's worth.

All of this is to say: I think reading, writing, and talking about literature (and film, poetry, etc.) is awesome, and I can help you see how awesome it is too. Moreover, given that I've taught students of varying ages and skill levels, I am confident I can help a wide range of middle, high school, and college students improve their reading, writing, and analytical thinking skills IF they're motivated to do so. Lastly, I am comfortable helping students study for specific tests, such as the AP Literature or Language Test, the ACT, the SAT, the GRE, or the MCAT.


PhD, English Literature, LSU (forthcoming August '18); MA, English Literature, LSU (2013); BA, English Literature, Central Florida

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Reading, ACT English, PSAT, GRE Verbal, GMAT Verbal, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, U.S. History, MCAT, GED

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