Brandon O

Tacoma, WA

Math, Statistics, And Data Science Specialist



Brandon Lee O'Briant is a modern day 'Renaissance Man' and DATA SCIENTIST who thrives in solving complex problems with a creative expertise. After graduating from Pacific Lutheran University with a B.S. Mathematics in December 2016, he is a currently pursuing an M.S. Data Science degree at Northwestern University's School of Professional Studies (extension of the M.S. in Predictive Analytics program). He is a technically sophisticated analyst with recent academic background in predictive analytics, 3+ years of experience in SQL, R, Python, C++, and logical data modeling, and solid skills in programming and strategic planning. Brandon brings broad knowledge and a passion for statistics, mathematics, computer systems, and programming languages. In previous and current roles and research projects, he has developed solid skills to provide reports, analyze data, manage records, and coordinate with a variety of teams and stakeholders. Additionally, he possesses extensive experience in design, from inception to presentation. Committed to the highest quality and research accuracy, he builds productive relationships with all stakeholders and organizes timelines and methodologies to achieve common goals. Brandon’s interests include, but are not limited to: AI, data science, deep learning, predictive analytics, machine learning, computational modeling/simulation, data engineering, and high performance computing (Tensorflow and CUDA). Brandon started out going back to school in his late twenties and started in precalculus. After struggling through a few courses he found one instructor that changed his approach and understanding of mathematics. This was the start of his insatiable need to help others overcome their barriers and know that everyone can learn by shedding their self placed limitations coupled with hardwork.


B.S. Mathematics Pacific Lutheran University, M.S. Data Science Northwestern University (Graduation date August 2018)

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, GED

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