Rachell G

Boiling Springs, SC

Pharmacist And Math Enthusiast



Before entering college, I tutored students in high school in Math. I was a Teacher's Cadet in high school. I also tutored in college. My love for Math and Chemistry extends back as far as middle school. I always shared that love with others. I never understood why anyone did not like math or chemistry. It takes someone with the love of these subjects to bring out the best in others. My love for these subjects lead me to obtaining a B.S in Chemistry and Pharmacy.

The right tutoring and teaching will allow others to tap into their inner mathematician. I am that tutor. I like one on one interaction so I can engage students in more fun and challenge manner to negotiate math problems. And I relate science and math problems to real life scenarios. This makes it easier for the student to understand the purpose and importance of these subjects. I always possessed a nature curiosity to solve problems. This curiosity lead me to become a pharmacist and earned that degree in Chemistry. Without math and science, I would not have accomplished any of these goals. It is this mindset that I will project to my students.



Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Chemistry, Pre-Calculus

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