Courtney T

Burke, VA

Certified Art Instructor And Published Writer Specializing In Essay Composition/Editing And Reading/Writing Test Prep



Hello, everyone! My name is Courtney and I am a working-student in the Northern Virginia area. I grew up in the community in which I currently reside, where I have enjoyed various customer service jobs throughout my college career. I have always loved working alongside children and my peers; both creatively and academically. I recently completed my final classes for May graduation and have decided to reach out and pursue tutoring. I am new to Roundtable, though I tutored in the past in the years just before apps brought us together. I specialize in helping students revise written works in a range of styles from poetry to academic essays.
I have published and received multiple awards for writing over the last ten years. I have attended workshops, contributed to literary anthologies, and tutored students in English Composition from the elementary to college level. Additionally, I am capable of aiding students in preparation for reading comprehension tests and literary interpretation. I am also a certified, Grumbacher Art Instructor and I have been studying Fine Arts for over six years. I am passionate about art from prehistory to the modern day and I have a lot of experience demonstrating painting and drawing techniques to beginners and advanced artists. I am qualified to teach in groups as well as one-on-one settings.
In an effort to maximize the time spent face to face with my students, I offer a number of pre/post-lesson accommodations.
If I receive a student’s essay at least 12 hours before a lesson, I will review their work prior and spend the entirety of the lesson focusing on the suggested improvements. Additionally, once changes are made by the student following a lesson, I offer a final, email response to a revised copy of their work as part of the initial lesson. For students looking to improve reading comprehension for test taking, I offer excerpts and passages to be read in advance. This is to ensure that the entirety of the lesson can be spent answering and discussing practice questions that pertain to the reading. These could take as little as five minutes of silent reading before the start of a lesson.
When teaching various painting and drawing techniques, I prefer that each student walks away with a completed work that utilizes the techniques being taught. Additionally, I prefer that my students relate to the subject matter and are given the opportunity to select from a list of choices prior to the lesson. This may include reference photos or planning items to personalize a still life. These are just a few examples of how I personalize the services I provide to my students. I look forward to meeting you all and discovering the ways in which I can help you achieve your goals.


Pending Graduate of A.A.A in Fine Arts and A.A. In Liberal Arts - English

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Reading, ACT English, PSAT, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Elementary Writing (K-6th), ADD/ADHD, College Counseling, Career Counseling

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