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I am a senior at Hamilton Township High School. I am 18, and from Rwanda. French is my second language and I have been speaking it since I was about 6 years old.
I have never tutored before but I am able to help different people of different ages understand and speak French better.
French, like any language, is always changing; usually because of new generations' slang. Most of the time, teachers only teach formal french and forget a very important part of the language such as the new use of the language by younger generations. Consequently, most people who learn French from say an English speaking country like the U.S, would not be able to efficiently communicate with French speaking people.
Of course formalities are a very part of learning a language, but I believe it is important to know a language well enough to not only know how to say Apple,or ask for someone's name in French, but also well enough to communicate, express oneself and understand sense of humor in the language.

I've spoken French since I was 6 and English since I was 10. Neither of the two is my first language so I understand the struggle of having to learn a new language and I believe this will help relate to my tutee and know how to help them better.

J'espere bien pouvoir vous aidez :)


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