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Chapel Hill, NC

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I have specific experience in think tanking when it comes to teaching material, which makes it possible for me to draw out the missing link in understanding. I have significant experience tutoring math, specifically elementary level math, EOG preparation, algebra, calculus, and statistics.

Learning math is important in order to achieve, and also obtain the ability to think critically and make important decisions. I myself am very thankful for the fact that I was able to learn my subject of passion so well. Math has ultimately changed my life. I want my clients to be able to understand that proficiency in the subjects of their classes can lead them to great opportunities of passion in the future. I want them to understand that learning is not something you are being forced to do, but that it can be a gateway to upholding a passion of theirs that can change the world.

Overall, it's not just my knowledge that is valuable, but the excitement that I have for my knowledge. I feel that I will be able to pass that excitement on. I absolutely LOVE tutoring, and would LOVE to have you as my client.

Wide open schedule for the summer beginning April 30.


BS Applied Mathematics, NCCU; MPH Biostatistics, UNC-CH (2018)

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Elementary Math (K-6th)

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