Greg C

Germantown, MD

Experienced Biology And Science Tutor



I have spent the past several years teaching in higher education. During this experience I have developed a passion for discovering what helps students learn. What I have discovered about myself in this time is that my love of Science was really a love for learning. My love of learning has led naturally into a love of teaching, because to me, the essence of teaching is to discover how to best create learning in your students.

It is crucial for instructors to recognize common weaknesses in the students various learning histories as well as their own weaknesses in communicating the material to the students most effectively. What I have discovered is that the attribute most correlated to learning and success is not necessarily intelligence, but the student’s willingness to engage with the class and commit the time required for success. This requires confidence from the student that they are capable and their work will be rewarded. It is my job to not only communicate the material to the students in the most effective way possible, but to help them understand the most effective ways to learn materials outside of class and to allow the student to see his/her effort is rewarded.


M.S. Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Subjects of Expertise

ACT Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science

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