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Young MBA, BS Business Management, AAS IT Graduate seeking international ties to corporation primarily.
Meanwhile, I taught Algebra 1 as Private Tutor, I taught Maths and Visual Basic 1 on Campus, I am a potential Business Class Teacher at a given Community College. I am available to help any student with Maths, Business, French knowledge. I also speak fluent, read and write knowledge. In fact, some of my education we're fully acquired in French before College.


MBA, B.S. Business Management, A.A.S IT

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SAT Math, SAT Reading, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Biology, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, French, German, TEFL, World History, GED

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27 Tutorials by Yao H

Les soins médicaux (ley-swanh-may-dee-koh): Human relations – Part 5

Greetings, Today we are talking about medical care as human relations. In this part 5, we will list some names of things in medical care as part of human relations.

Essen (Eh-sn): Human relations – Part 4.

Greetings, Today we are continuing on the series “Human Relations” part 4. Humans also have relation to food. Some people like this, while other like that, but we all are related in the fact that we share a common habit: Eating. Eating in German is “Essen” as a verb. For example, you can say “Ich…

La nourriture (Lah-Nu-ree-tewr) – Human Relations 4

Hello or “Bonjour” to everyone. Today we will be working on the 4th part of the series “human relations”. What do humans relate to? The 4th part will talk about “Food”. We will say some words in french, so you can compose yourselves your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bezeihungen: Die Arbeitsplätze – Relations Part 3.

Greetings, Today we are learning another human relation. We are going to talk about workplace. Workplace is said in German as followed: Die Arbeitsplätze (dee-ahr-bah-eet-sch-plaetseh). The word “Arbeit” is “work” which has the verb “arbeiten”. So for example, you can say: “Sie arbeiten” meaning “they work”.

Les lieux de travail (ley lee-oeh-doeh-trah-vah-yyy) – Human relations: Part 3

Greetings, in the continuation of our series of human relations, let talk today about workplaces. There are many ways to say workplaces in French, but if you just say “Les lieux de travail” (Ley-lee-oeh-doeh-trah-vah-yyy) or “Domaine des fonctions” (Doh-maen-deh-fonk-seeonh), everyone will know what you are talking about. Please note that the phrase “Domaine des fonctions”…

Die Familie (D-fah-mee-lee-eh) – Human relations: Part 2.

Today we are learning how to say words that are related to a family in German. “The Family” in German is “Die Familie” (dee-fah-mee-lee-eh) with family being a feminine word. You can realize that by the “unbestimmte artikel” (Die). Do you remember?

La Famille (Lah Fah-mee-yy) – Human relations: Part 2

Greetings. Today we are continuing our series of human relations. We are going to talk about family. Family in French is “La Famille/Une Famille” (Fah-mee-yy), feminine word. So let’s see what family is composed of:

Bezeihungen (Beh-tsah-e-hungn) – Relations: Part 1.

Greetings: Today we are learning “menschenliche bezeihungen” (men-sch-lee-scheh Beh-tsah-e-hungn) or human relations. In the part 1 we will talk about love. Love is said in German as “Liebe” (Lee-beh). The word Liebe is feminine so you say “die liebe/ eine liebe” love/ a love. Generally people love. “People” in German is “menschen”. The opposite of…

Les relations humaines (Ley relah-seeonh-ewmaen) – Human relations: Part 1.

Human relations are multiples in French culture and French system. They have a way to grant straight comprehension through what they are saying. This lesson is going to be a serie of different sections, but today we are going to focus on love relation.

Die Farben (D-Fahr-Bn) – Colors

The word “color” is also a feminine word in German as it is in French. So you say: Die Farbe/Die Farben (D-Fahr-beh/D-Fahr-Bn).