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Jared, founder of The Knowledge Roundtable, is passionate about the advancement of knowledge. He has a B.S. in astronomy and physics from UMass and an MBA in Advanced Financial Analytics, also from UMass. He has a day job as a Big Data Analyst in Boston.

He has over 500 hours of tutoring experience in everything from algebra to writing. He taught our SAT prep group courses for two years in NH, and before that developed educational content for math, stats, and finance textbooks for two years. His teaching style is hands-on with a focus on problem-solving and critical thinking.


B.S. Astronomy, Physics, Math UMass Amherst; MBA, UMass Amherst

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT English, ACT Science, SSAT, PSAT, GRE Math, GRE Verbal, GMAT Math, GMAT Verbal, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Physical Science, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pre-Calculus, ADD/ADHD

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Tutoring Accommodations for Children with Anxiety

Tutoring Accommodations for Children with Anxiety

Increasingly parents are relying on after-hours tutors to help bridge the gap between what is learned during day classes, and what each child needs to master to be successful as a student.  However, for children with clinical anxiety, there may be additional benefits that can help provide relief from stress, while building emotional and academic strengths.

Is there more to tutoring than creating familiarity …

Is Group Tutoring More Effective? Choices for Parents

Is Group Tutoring More Effective? Choices for Parents

If you have decided to address your child’s academic success by hiring a tutor, there are a number of options available. Some tutoring sessions can be held in professional after-school buildings, where private tutoring companies provide space and instruction. Other tutors are independent contractors, and may be willing to conduct weekly sessions in the privacy of the student’s home, and under …

How Tutoring Can Overcome Obstacles to Learning

How Tutoring Can Overcome Obstacles to Learning

In a perfect world, children who experience learning problems would have hours of time to spend with parents, who understood the curriculum, and parents who could answer questions about things like algebra and rocket science. In the real world, working parents are often overrun with packed schedules and obligations, or unable to help children with complex technical homework like science or math.

What is the Best Environment for Learning at Home?

What is the Best Environment for Learning at Home?

Many parents feel that children receive more homework today than they did in previous generations. A recent study by the Brookings’ Brown Center on Education Policy reported that the after-school assignment load has not actually changed in the past thirty years. The study revealed that the average elementary student has …

How to Find Tutors Near Me

How to Find Tutors Near Me

I’ve helped almost 1000 students find a tutor since 2012. In this article, I’m going to answer the question “how to find tutors near me” by introducing you to The Knowledge Roundtable’s tutor search engine of active tutors.

Why a Tutor Search Engine?

If you’ve done any Googling for “tutors near me,” you’ve probably discovered that you don’t get results for individual tutors, …

Books for Academic Excellence

Books for Academic Excellence

Are you looking for books to help you or your student achieve academic excellence? I recently came across this book list curated by Mark Skoskiewicz, founder of MyGuru, that will help you understand the nature of talent, the science of learning, and the psychology of success: http://www.myguruedge.com/book-recommendations

The page says that these books helped …

5 Ways to Market Your Tutoring Website

5 Ways to Market Your Tutoring Website

So you have your own tutoring website. Great! A website is an important tool for building your tutoring clientele. But are you doing everything in your power to market your tutoring website? As someone who has been marketing this tutoring website since 2012, and who has a business degree, I hope my advice below can help you build your tutoring website’s reputation …

Communication Styles: Business vs Academic

As an academic turned businessman, I’ve observed striking differences between communication styles in business and academia. The way I see it, all these differences can be boiled down to one simple idea: in business, it is the writer’s responsibility to make the reader comprehend; in academia, it is the reader’s responsibility to comprehend the writer.…

How To Calculate The Age Of The Universe

Have you ever wondered how astronomers calculate the age of the universe? In this tutorial, you will learn about the astronomical theories that allow astronomers to make such calculations, including the Big Bang theory and the expansion of the universe. You will also learn about several key astronomical observations that serve as evidence for these…

Direct Variation vs. Inverse Variation

The SAT often asks questions about direct variation and inverse variation. These questions use wording like “…varies directly with…”, “…varies inversely with…”, “…is directly proportional to…” and “…is inversely proportional to…” The formulas for direct and inverse variation are as follows. Direct Variation As one variable increases, the other variable increases proportionately.

    \[ y=kx \]

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