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Jonathan T

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Fun And Patient Calculus, Linear Algebra And Diff Eq. Tutor




Thank you for taking the time to review my profile. I have multiple years of experience tutoring students in advanced math courses. I have over 3,000 educational resources covering everything from Calculus and Physics to Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and beyond via WeSolveThem. I have written and published various texts designed to assist college students with preparation and follow through for college level math courses.

I have been doing calculus for years and have tutored hundreds of students all over the country in the same courses and none of them are ever on the same page with material. I know more about what is going to be taught than the teachers that are teaching the course do.

Usual sessions will consist of going over and finishing up homework assignments for the week. I generally work most problems in great detail so the student can fully understand the material and then I post the solutions online via my website so the student may reference the material from anywhere at anytime.

You may ask yourself why you would choose me over another tutor: I have dedicated my life to mathematics, physics and teaching and do not take it lightly. I am extremely precise and attentive to notations, proper solutions and how your teacher will present information and require information. I also make myself available via text messaging and email for additional assistance outside of sessions.

Whether you need to master the subject or just pass the course, I am the best tutor in the area. I am young and have been through all the "modern" courses and tutored hundreds of students through the same so I understand how it feels, when it comes to the material and process.

On another note, I am also fun, patient and a pleasant person to spend a few hours a week doing math with. To me math is like football or going to the movies and I love to help people understand it better. I tutor with humility, compassion and a sense of humor.


I extend my services outside of sessions at no charge via text/email for those moments when you need a little extra help.


Downtown Madison Public Library on Mifflin St. (near campus)

Jonathan T.


Bachelors of Science Mathematics with Physics

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Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Calculus, Pre-Calculus

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Advanced Integration: Integrate 1/e^x((4+e^(2x))^(1/2)) dx

Advanced Integration

    \[\int\frac{1}{e^x}\big((4+e^{2x})^\frac{1}{2}\Big)\ dx\]

This is a very loaded integral. I highly doubt you would ever see this in a standard undergraduate calculus course. It was fun!