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As a teacher, I love sharing the pleasures of learning with others. Of course, as a 'special credit' graduate for my first degree, and 'summa cum laude for my second,' I understood that passage through graduate and PhD programs would require even more hard work. The effort always proved worthwhile though, and for 14 years I also enjoyed tutoring at university and college level, especially because such work is cross-disciplinary. The experience has deepened my appreciation and knowledge of what surrounds and informs language, even as my students have realized their potentials and achieved successful grades: whether 'he' was a Russian polishing a dissertation in Oceanography, or 'she' was an American completing a thesis on ESL Education.

That is why I specialize in English language, literature, and writing: my interest reaches to all subjects which those arts inform. English language extends from classical and Biblical rhetoric and themes, through socio-historical and philosophical contexts, all the way to present-day science and “pop” culture. My background knowledge arises from this inter-disciplinary base; however, whether students focus on GRE vocabulary, college essays, theses, dissertations, or material for publication, my goal is always to enhance their ownership of the undertaking.

To this end, I may coach in skills such as word choice, sentence fluency, idea development, content, organization, argument, or voice. To deepen interest in projects, academic writing often involves reading and identifying intertextual relationships, so I also support conventional use of reference and research materials. Thus empowering students to interpret, evaluate,and interact with their worlds, my tutoring caters to individual requirements.

As my personal standards are high, I ask for feedback that will help tailor my methodology to individual learning styles. The rationale is: “When you succeed, I have succeeded.” Such is the beauty of one-on-one tutoring; when our work results in high grades, I am as happy as the student is.

My policies follow those set out by The Knowledge Roundtable, and I am glad to offer the free initial consultation so that we can discuss your wishes. After that, I also maintain the necessary efficiency of requiring notice of any cancelation. Please, then, don't hesitate to contact me if this level of knowledge and performance interests you.


PhD English

Subjects of Expertise

SAT Reading, SAT Writing, ACT Reading, ACT English, PSAT, GRE Verbal, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Elementary Reading (K-6th), Elementary Writing (K-6th)

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