Joseph P

Salinas, CA

Novice Of Math And Astronomy



I am High School Student Grade 12. I am proficient in multiple subjects such as mathematics including: algebra; geometry and; basic trigonometry, basic sciences including; astronomy; biology; and earth sciences - plate tectonics, volcano/mountain formation theories, and planet structure.
Advanced sciences I have basic knowledge of are chemistry, advanced astronomy including: theoretical mega-structures - (non-certified); astronomical measurements of bodies and entities of insurmountable distance - (non-certified). Basic string theory - (non-certified) and a touch of quantum physics - (non-certified).
Practical subjects I have basic knowledge of include: basic political theory, business theories of low end turnover, theory of economy, basic to mid level art, cooking (non-Serve-Safe certified, however I am well versed in food ([serving temp.) safety, sanitation, and cross-contamination issues). Computer use: typing, internet safety, exterior hardware technical [difficulty] troubleshooting - (non-certified), safe downloading - (non-certified), anti-plagiarism, and effective email use. English including: grammar; sentence structure; persuasive writing; informative writing, story/novel writing, and guide writing.
All of the categories listed above are certified (unless listed otherwise) through grade 11. Those listed as "- (non-certified)" I acquired knowledge of through my own education via the internet, all from reputable sources.


mid-way 12th grade

Subjects of Expertise

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Physical Science, Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary

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Basic Algebra Problem

You and 6 friends want to get ice cream. A single scoop is $1 and a double scoop is $2. You and your friends decide to put all your money together and want to see if you can all get a double scoop.