Kaizelle D

Kearney, NE

English Writing



I am currently a nursing student at the University of Medical Center, Kearney division and am originally from the Philippines. My family and I moved to Nebraska on the year of 2007 and have lived here for ten years. I finished my middle school and highschool years in Hildreth and Wilcox, Nebraska. I, also, finished my pre-nursing requirements in the University of Nebraska, Kearney and have been accepted to the University of Medical Center, also in Kearney. I have accomplished my junior year in nursing school, thus, I have a year left to graduate nursing school.
I consider myself skilled in the English language and also writing. I have always loved writing. I acquired my skills in grammar, especially, during my highschool years. My class was trained for almost a year just for the concept of grammar. Additionally, my father was an English teacher in the Philippines; therefore, it is also an addition to my skills. I would love to specialize in the English and writing concept in my tutoring. Furthermore, I have not lost my Filipino languages as we still speak it as a family. There are two Filipino dialects that I speak, which are Ilocano and Tagalog. It would be a great aid for those who are foreign, such as myself, to be able to have somebody who did not have English as their first language. It was easy for me to learn English,not only for the fact that I was ten years old when we came here and as we all know, it is easier for the youth to learn new languages, but because of the fact that English is actually our secondary language in the Philippines. In my school there we had English classes. English is also incorporated in daily life there as it is used in most, if not all, newspapers and magazines (and such).


Nursing Student

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ACT English, Writing, Reading, Grammar

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