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Kingston, ON, Canada

History Expert And French And English Tutor



Hi there!
My name is Kerry O'Shea and I am a history student at Queen's University! I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts program, but I am interested in pursuing my Bachelor of Education! I am always willing to help my peers with any assignments and have helped many younger siblings or cousins with their reading and writing skills. I also have a love for English Literature of any kind, and I love finding themes, motifs, symbolism and other literary devices. Not only am I able to read just English Literature but also academic pieces thanks to my education at Queen's University.
I have enjoyed reading and writing since a very young age and I ultimately want to help other people enjoy reading just as much as I do! I would mostly be interested in working with Elementary School aged to high school aged, but I am more than happy to work with anyone who is interested!


BA History (graduating in 2019)

Subjects of Expertise

Writing, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, U.S. History, World History

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2 Tutorials by Kerry O

Avoir: To have

Learning how to conjugate the verbs avoir and etre are key to learning french. Here is how it goes: Avoir: I have- J’Ai You have- Tu As He/She/It has- Il/Elle/On A We have- Nous Avons You have (pl.)- Vous Avez They have- Ils Ont/Elles Ont (Use the masculine plural if there is a group of…

Literary Devices: Similes and Metaphors

Literary Devices can be used in many different ways and are often used when an author wants to stress the importance of something. Today’s topic is going to be on Similes and Metaphors. Both are comparisons but where they differ is the key to to understanding them! A simile is a comparison using the words…